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4 Reasons Attend Our Free Automation Event

4 Reasons Attend Our Free Automation Event

Learn About…

1. Non-Sequential/Case Based Workflow

‘Decisions’ is not limited to direct (flow or sequence based) workflow type interactions. The same graphical tools can be used to create interactive case-based applications where the state of the data, as well as the rule engine, help direct activities that do not follow the same path each time.

2. Simplification of Business Rules

Learn how to gain operational empowerment with a business rules engine. All businesses are rule-centric. Rules are what determine which opportunities are pursued or left behind. They determine how things are priced, who is allowed to approve or deny, or even who is hired. The flow of information, materials, projects, and money are all based on rules. The Decisions’ rule engine together with our workflow engine, help you organize, automate, and optimize your business rules in an easy to understand, no-code environment.

3. Approval Automation

Handle complex routings and approvals. Every organization is slightly different and thus has different workflow requirements and routings. We will talk through giving your organization the exact workflow you need and automate where needed to fully optimize your business processes. This also includes document collaboration, employee on-boarding & request handling and finance approvals.

4. Event Return on Investment

This is a free Lunch & Learn on Automating and Optimizing Critical Business Processes. You will learn a lot about how to be more efficient with your technology stack, free up resources to perform tasks that may require manual intervention. Our main goal is to educate and provide value to those attending. Plus, we will have a Mexican buffet, drinks and will cover parking for everyone. We do request you register below so make sure we get a lanyard printed and enough food for everyone.

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