Toledo, Ohio

Artiva HealthCare Implementation

Artiva HealthCare Implementation


An Indiana-based healthcare financial services company was undertaking an Artiva Healthcare implementation that required a data conversion, workflow design and configuration. There were also more than 15 import & export interfaces to program, creating a multitude of financially driven Crystal reports and application training which all needed to be completed within 30 days.


Emprise was able to design and develop the client and vendor interfaces, workflow, reports, documentation, and provide training while still following a SDLC process. Along with accomplishing this task, the Emprise team crafted custom windows and scripts based on the specifications provided by the company.

If the financial services company had missed their deadline for system conversion, the results would have been dire to their business. This would have massively reduced productivity and cost the company thousands of dollars, as well as creating a high profile and negative public relations issue. As a result, the company met their Go-Live date of utilizing the Artiva application and avoided revenue losses that would have resulted from failing to meet that deadline.


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