Toledo, Ohio

Business Revolution Week Roundtables

Collection Software, Data Security and Analytics

Our CEO, Marc Savage, was a Moderator at the three roundtables at the Business Revolution Week North America during the week of November 9th-13th.

Digitalized Collections: Investigating the Intersection of Emerging Technologies, The Cloud, Privacy, and Data Analytics. 

We discuss how collection systems are providing integration paths to emerging communication technologies and artificial intelligence/machine learning, the intersection between cloud, security, and data analytics, how modern collection platforms facilitate the self-service consumer, and other pertinent topics.

Enjoy the 1 hour recorded Roundtable with industry experts.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Embracing Technological Evolution: In what ways do AI and ML add value for firms in the ARM space, and how can those technologies be best incorporated into existing operations?

Enjoy the 1 hour recorded Roundtable with industry experts.

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Digital Communications

A New Age of Communication: How can Credit and Collections companies best utilize digital channels while maintaining compliance?

We will discuss which technologies are best for each segment of debtors, what steps are necessary to introduce those technologies to your company, current compliance risks, and other pertinent topics.