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Top 3 Reasons to Build a Data Warehouse

Top 3 Reasons to Build a Data Warehouse

1. More Consistent Data

A properly deployed data warehouse makes it possible to convert data from many different sources into a unified format. Once in the data warehouse, in the standard format, all of your analysts, throughout various departments and teams can access the data in a governed, standard, secure way. This allows you to keep processes standardized and consistent across the organization. This provides analysts all the data they want and need.

2. Complete Data Analysis

Data warehouses are designed specifically to aggregate data from many sources into a specifically accessible central store. By unifying the data in one place, (and in the same format) analysts can perform more comprehensive reviews. You get both deeper and broader analysis on all the trends happening throughout your company. This can be accomplished with built-in tools or integrating reporting, business intelligence and analytics tools.

3. Built for Performance

Data warehouses are built differently than operational database systems, which are more focused on creating and modifying data. Data warehouses are built specifically for analysis and retrieval rather than the upkeep of individual records. As a result, they offer both a more scalable solution for storing large volumes of data and faster processing for advanced data analysis tools.


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