Toledo, Ohio

Consulting & Custom Development

We are in the business of solving problems, and often times the solutions we build fall under the category of consulting and custom development.

Project Consulting

By understanding your Business, Technology, and People, Emprise is able to collaborate with your team to produce end results that drive operational success, stability, and growth potential.

Web Applications & API’s

From client facing web portals to internal web applications, Emprise has you covered.  We also have the ability to create and consume API’s to ensure your business is connected with the other end points required.

Applications & Scripting

Sometimes, a quick solution is required to enable your daily operations.  We continually develop widgets and scripts that aid our customers in running their day-to-day business and technology solutions.

Custom Solutions

Clients leverage Emprise for additional projects to meet specific business needs. We bring technologies, toolsets, and expertise for customer projects. We can make your dream a reality. 

Got a new project?

We are always looking to share ideas and strategize about your next big project. Solving problems and designing solutions is the magic that gets us out of bed each morning!

Let’s talk!

Project Consulting

Emprise works closely with you to understand your specific business needs and apply our expertise to conquer the challenges that you are facing using a technology that fits into your technology stack.



We work closely with you to understand the landscape of your business, including your company and people’s roles within it.

How does your business operate, and how is technology changing it?



Emprise leverages technology to solve challenges for your business. With many tools available, Emprise identifies the right tools for the job.

What’s your organization’s technology stack, and how is it being utilized?



Emprise understands the importance of building relationships with your people. Collaboration is critical to your success.

Who is involved, what’s their challenge, business or technology, and why does it matter to the business?

As a part of our consulting engagements, we often complete…


On many occassions, our customers ask us to come in and complete an assessment of their current solutions, ongoing projects, or failed projects.


Emprise leads several different types of workshops for our customers, including requirements gathering, analysis & design, and training.


Emprise typically gets engaged in the middle of the most important projects and conversations with our customers by providing actionaable advice and guidance based on our expertice and best practices.

Web Applications & API’s

Ease of deployment, customization, and scalability are just a few reasons why Emprise has been engaged with web application development for our customers.  Connecting customers with their end user or other platforms is a must in today’s business.


Connecting our customers with their customers is a common theme with our web portals.  Businesses need to communicate important details to their end user on demand.  Sometimes, the end users are internal customers as well.


As more systems offer real-time API’s,  real-time integration is becoming the norm.  Data communication is happening in real-time on a record-by-record basis to ensure that systems are up-to-date as data is changing.  Integration through API’s allows for your data to interact with your systems as if the data was entered through the user interface.


Vendors in various industries are exposing their API’s to offer real-time communication.  We work with many  service providers to integrate our customers’ request-response workflows.


Looking to build out real-time integration with your payment processor?  We do that, too!

Applications & Scripting

Being able to use your data to provide answers for the tough questions is what business intelligence is all about.  Delivering interactive visualizations and reporting results is critical to your end user.


Depending on the need, a desktop application may still be the right solution.  Over the years, we have created many widgets to solve a problem for our customers.


Database cleanups, purging, data manipulation, reporting, etc.  If you need to script something out of your database, odds are we’ve done something similar.


The number of languages we have created scripts in has grown over the years.  Emprise has created scripts using mainstream technologies as well as proprietary technologies that are not well-documented.  Just ask – we’ve probably done it.

Custom Solutions

Clients leverage Emprise for additional projects to meet specific business needs. We bring technologies, toolsets, and expertise for customer projects, including: 


We have implemented this combination a couple of times now, both internally and for customers, to streamline the ticket management and knowledge base for an organization.


Because we’ve worked with so many different customers, we have quite a bit of experience using various source code versioning and management software.


If you’re looking to make Salesforce fit your organization, we have experience customizing and expanding to improve data tracking, productivity, and the user experience.


Looking to launch your eCommerce business on the industry leading platform?  We’ve got some experience working with ChannelAdvisor and it’s API’s.