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COVID-19 Collection System Solutions

COVID-19 Collection System Solutions


First off, we want to let everyone know, we are here for business or personal support if you need us. During these tough economic times with the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid changes in laws, agencies have needed to act swift, smart and make the appropriate updates to their collection systems to ensure they are complying and taking care of their debtors. Whether it be a specific state or in a specific vertical like Higher Education, Healthcare or other verticals effected, updates are required.


We have been applying solutions for clients over the last couple weeks. These solutions have included workflow updates, imports, and the addition of new statuses to meet new federal and state guidelines for billing and putting accounts on hold. The specific collection systems we have implemented solutions for at this are Artiva, FACS and DM9 but would love to talk strategy and implementation for those systems not listed if you are unable to handle yourself.

If you need something more customized, we have also been a part of creating forms and survey’s for symptomatic people. This has been very specific to Healthcare organizations.

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