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Data Warehouse Implementation

Data Warehouse Implementation


Our client is in the insurance industry and was being pressured by their global customer base for access to real-time data from their Artiva Agency system. While the company’s system refreshed daily, their customers needed more up-to-date information. The company’s highly customized version of Artiva Agency and web portal access application was unable to update quickly enough, restricting reporting options. The system was cumbersome, allowing for only a nightly data extract to a set of SQL tables, reducing the actionability of the data. While customized, ad-hoc reports were considered, naming conventions and insufficient data access represented significant shortcomings.


The Emprise solution was to develop a data management structure – a central repository of integrated current and historical data – that maintains or enhances existing storage and information updates while enabling access, via web portal from multiple platforms, to more current data.

We designed and developed a custom interface within the client’s existing Artiva Agency environment. This entailed aggregating and extracting all of their clients’ structural data, then leveraging SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) packages to import the extracted data into a SQL data warehouse. Once in the data warehouse, the data is restructured and processed into tailored formats to provide more up-to-date information availability.

The data warehouse architecture and functionality enable hourly updates and, subsequently, access to virtually real-time data via the company’s web portal as well as additional ad-hoc reporting tools such as Crystal Reports.

The company now has stronger command of their data, its availability and dissemination. End clients enjoy data flexibility and, more importantly, are now able to access accurate, up-to-date information whenever they need it for more effective decision making. 

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