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Global Ticket Dashboard Application

Global Ticket Dashboard Application


A global leader in the retail and fashion industry, a long-time client, had a internal communication issues with not being able to create, review, or update their 251 individual locations trouble tickets in one centralized location. This created a disconnect and many inefficiencies between corporate and locations around the world. The amount of attention required from Operations, IT, and each store manager to communicate issues, requirements, and updates was significantly inefficient, but necessary, due to not having a centralized communication platform in place. They had an immediate need for Emprise to create a custom ticket tracking application that could be accessed by every store around the world while giving the ability for corporate team members to create, view, and update tickets.


We thought the best value we could provide was designing a solution using NodeJS hosted with Amazon Web Services. The solution used OneLogin for user authentication. The data driving the solution was blended from an AWS SQL instance and a REST web service API from an internal ticketing system.

This branded solution allowed corporate IT to see 3 important areas in a robust interactive dashboard: individual store tickets, global tickets, and high area of interest tickets. They could get as many details needed for each ticket such as the store location, how many tickets a particular store has open, the ticket number, name, description and status to ensure full visibility across their organization.

The efficiency gains and productivity, from both individual store managers and corporate, increased dramatically. This allowed them to spend their time on other productive activities & projects.



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