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Press Release-Emprise Promotions

Press Release-Emprise Promotions

Emprise Technologies Announces Promotion of Chris Mazur to Vice President and Matt Scott to Senior Director


Toledo, OH – Emprise Technologies is very excited to announce the promotion of Chris Mazur to Vice President and Matt Scott to Senior Director. Matt and Chris have put in massive effort to build Emprise strong. The growth of the company is apparent in our increasing team numbers as well as our larger diversity of work.

Chris has been with Emprise since 2007. He began as a developer and worked his way through every rank to become a senior officer of the company. Chris has put in not only years of effort but thoughtfulness into his work at Emprise. He is a great mentor and colleague both and we have been excited to watch as he has matured into this new position.

Matt began his work with Emprise in 2011, so he will be celebrating his 10-year anniversary in August. Matt worked first as a Project Lead, then became a Project Manager, and eventually entered his current role as a Director, now becoming the company’s sole Senior Director. He has brought much in the way of relationship building as well as client growth to the company and has been a great advocate of developer hiring and promotion.

All of us at Emprise are lucky to have Chris and Matt out in front of us, bringing us work to feed the company growth. Emprise is lucky to have Matt and Chris as team members who value and pursue relationships with their colleagues.

 We are very proud of the work Chris and Matt have done this year, largely unseen by most of the Emprise team, but not unfelt by all of us. Because of their over the top efforts and bravery in exploring new business practices Emprise grew stronger last year and continues to surge in 2021. Marc and I are lucky that we chose to hire them when they applied. We are certainly grateful that we did so.  – Kim Edwards, CFO/COO Emprise Technologies, LLC

About Emprise Technologies, LLC: Emprise was founded in 1998, is family-owned, headquartered in Toledo, OH and provides consulting & professional services to businesses around the United States. Expertise is in data integration, custom software development, white glove customer service, solution design and business process automation. Emprise is passionate about driving business growth through creating and executing on the vision for their clients.

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