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Service Spotlight – ARM Consulting

Service Spotlight – ARM Consulting

Over the course of the next few months we are going to shine a spotlight on the different services we offer and solutions with examples we have provided clients over the years. We always get the question at conferences, industry events or even in casual conversations, “What does Emprise do?” and we plan to paint the picture in these posts.

This week’s service spotlight is the ARM (Accounts Receivable Management) consulting services. Our bread and butter for the last 21 years has been in the Financial Services industry, specifically in the ARM or collections and recovery niche community. At our core, we understand data, experts in integration and know what questions to ask in order to achieve the final solution and give the client what they need as well as giving them the sense of comfort that their business is in the right hands. These solutions comes in all different shapes and sizes, they range from but not limited to the below engagements.

  • Legacy System Conversions – This typically involves ETL, which is extracting all the data from a database that will be retired, then transforming the data to match what the new database field layout will be then and finally loading into the database or new system of record. These types of projects are usually avoided by clients because of the headaches & time sink they normally cause. This can occur if taking the time to plan isn’t taken very serious, expectations aren’t discussed and the right amount of detail required to successfully convert isn’t discussed.
  • New Client Onboarding – Every agency whether it be 1st or 3rd party has new interfaces that need to be developed, some come in more rapidly than others. The skillset to gather requirements, ask the right questions then program the data interfaces is something we do on a daily basis for our clients. We make sure we test and provide documentation then hand off to our clients to ensure they can support them and not hold you hostage. We prefer implementing an Integration Framework which will standardize the layouts of imports and exports and allow for rapid development of interfaces. We have built interfaces using this methodology in a couple days opposed to a couple weeks.
  • Artiva RM & HCx, Debt Manager and FACS Consulting – The bulk of our ARM projects comes from these great systems. We have the top industry and system experts who will talk through and design best the solution for our clients based on their needs. First,  we listen and have a conversation before the design stage starts because we need to understand the vision of the business & solution to ensure we see know what the end goal is. Then we are in a great spot to start our design sessions and to talk through them with our clients before development begins.
  • Custom Development – Our consultants have a wide range of system and programming language knowledge, so it is pretty normal to discuss with clients projects outside of collection systems but allows for real-time integrations. For example, we build custom self-service portals, reporting data warehouses and implementing Business Intelligence & Analytic solutions to capitalize on the data being stored and making business decisions on them.

More services like developer training, project management and others are described in more detail from our industry specific page here.

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