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Business Process Management

Don’t just automate, 

What is BPM? 

Business process management (BPM) is a discipline in  in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes. Any combination of methods used to manage business processes is BPM. Processes can be structured and repeatable or unstructured and variable. 

Decisions is a leading provider of BPM, Workflow and Rule Technology. The goal is to provide technology for automating of key business processes and business rules, but making the rules and the logic accessible to non programming staff. Decisions technology is deployed as the basis of multiple commercial applications in medical, finance, logistics and operations software. In addition to this, Decisions technology is used directly by companies on almost all continents, ranging from small/mid size companies to over a dozen of the Fortune 500. Emprise holds both Professional and Fundamental Certifications which is the highest partner certification level available.

No Cost Proof of Concept

Emprise is a Decisions Strategic Choice Partner, which means we collectively saw amazing value in creating this alliance together and providing  efficient and innovative solutions to clients around the world. All of our employees are based out of our Ohio office and understand business, technology and people, which we believe is the key to delivering successful projects.

We work very closey with our clients to provide custom built solutions and professional services that show an immediate ROI. We specializes in business process management (BPM), workflow design, real-time API integration, and .NET development, using the Decisions SDK, to provide end-to-end solutions for Decisions customers.

How Decisions Provides Value

Decisions is a COMPLETE BPM platform with rule engine. Decisions is a no-code business automation platform focusing on process automation as well as data handling and business rule execution. At the heart of it are graphical designers that enable both IT and business to collaborate around the same visual – NO CODE – design technologies. Decisions is delivered either as a cloud service (SAAS) or can be managed inside infrastructure that your organization already has (on site or EC2/Azure)

Workflow Automation

With the powerful Visual Workflow designer, you’ll go beyond simple approvals and routing with 3000 pre-built steps for automating processes, building applications and planning high-level processes – all without coding.

Process automation includes many other elements; however, the basic building blocks are managing users’ workloads and interacting with users. The Decisions Platform provides a ‘no code’ form builder, as well as the ability to integrate external forms. Task management services and task lists are flexible and able to be integrated into the user’s normal work patterns.They can also be used for fully automated data and rule interactions. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools to automate processes – integrating users and systems to provide true business optimization. ‘Decisions’ enables business users to understand and adjust their business logic without becoming programmers.

Business Rules Engine

Decisions offers powerful, comprehensive yet easy-to-use rules capabilities including eight graphical rules editors.

All businesses are rule-centric. Rules are what determine which opportunities are pursued or left behind. They determine how things are priced, who is allowed to approve or deny, or even who is hired. The flow of information, materials, projects, and money are all based on rules. The Decisions’ rule engine together with their workflow engine, help you organize, automate, and optimize your business rules in an easy to understand, no-code environment.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

The ‘Decisions’ SDK allows developers (using .NET tools) to create new functionality for the design tools to use. This is often done when there is an integration with a system with non-standard constraints or protocols, to include an existing library or set of custom code or to tune the design experience for the team members using the graphical designers. These include: flow steps, rule verbs, report data sources, data structures and much more.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We needed help right away from a partner that knew our technology and could figure out what we really needed. Emprise delivered what we needed then and we continue to rely on the team to develop solutions for our business critical challenges.

Emprise has been an amazing partner. They are extremely knowledgeable and have delivered and surpassed expectations on all projects and work assigned. They have showed willingness and flexibility to code to our own internal standards and have partnered with us to develop standardized documentation which has reduced communication time and increased productivity. They have been able to scale with us as an organization and have shown the ability to get work done in a hurry when required. We would recommend Emprise to any organization.

Emprise has been a pleasure to work with. After hiring them to handle our data conversion to our new system, we decided to outsource our entire IT department to them. It was the best decision that we ever made.