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Spaghetti Code, Its What’s for Dinner

Spaghetti Code, Its What’s for Dinner

Spaghetti Code Conversations

As experts in the data integration & consulting space, I wanted to share conversations that we seem to have weekly with clients on how to pull certain processes or rules out of their ‘spaghetti code’. This is a tangled mess of code that is hard to follow and developed over the years. The definition should already cast an image of the issues. If not, here are specific examples we typically discuss.

  • Your business rules are buried, unlocatable or have been changed so many times, you don’t actually know what it is doing.
  • If you make a change or add to the code, it is guaranteed to break something in another spot.
  • No documentation and the developer who created the code has retired or moved on to another job.

Our Top Recommended Solutions

  • Use a no-code platform to house your business rules and workflows so making updates can be performed by the Business users and is pain free. This will allow the Software Development team to focus on initiatives that actually require coding.
  • Comment your code so when any developer needs to make updates, they can understand what they need to do and where.
  • Develop coding standards, like an SDLC, within your organization and assign an owner to make sure all follow. 

If you are looking to avoid these issues or already in this scenario, we would be happy to talk to you. More on our no-code solution can be found here: or Email us or

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