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Why Emprise?

Our Approach

We work closely with you to understand your specific business needs and partners with you to conquer the challenges that you are facing using a technology that fits into your organization’s technology stack.



We work closely with you to understand the landscape of your business, including your company and people’s roles within it.

How does your business operate, and how is technology changing it?



We leverage technology to solve challenges for your business. With many tools available, we identify the right tools for the job.

What’s your organization’s technology stack, and how is it being utilized?



We understand the importance of building relationships with your people. Collaboration is critical to your success.

Who is involved, what’s their challenge, business or technology, and why does it matter to the business?

Our Mission

For Emprise, the question has always been, “What if we could build a team of hybrid individuals with the skillset to fulfill many roles on projects? ”  Turns out that’s hard work, yet it has been successful.

Simply put, our mission is to Develop Developers.

At Emprise, we strive to empower our staff to be the hybrid resources that add a tremendous amount of value to projects, client relationships, and the marketplace.  Over the past 20+ years, we have been able to lead many team members down this path while surrounding them with a team of specialists required to meet our customers’ evolving needs.


It is impossible to do the work we do well without a deep understanding of the industry and market in which our customers operate.


It is critical that our team members have a deep, clear understanding of the underlying technology stack required to solve the problem.


We take great pride and ownership in our work. Our team works with a sense of urgency that enables our customers to continue moving their initiatives forward.


Building customer relationships is at the core of what we do at Emprise.  Each team member desires to serve.

The Emprise SDLC Process

Technology projects fail when the proven, existing development process is not followed.

Meet Our Standard Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The Emprise SDLC is the standard we implement for all projects. It has been developed, modified, and maintained with our customers’ satisfaction and overall experience in mind. As our team has grown, the process has evolved to account for separation of duties while maintaining the highest level of quality possible. The Emprise SDLC exists to promote efficiency, quality, and consistency with each deliverable for our customers.


During Analysis and Design, questions are asked and answers are documented. Full understanding of the required solution is achieved. The technical design is put into place to ensure that the business requirements will be met. The effort spent during this phase of the project will lessen the time spent in Development and reduce the number of iterations for the project.


Development is driven by the documentation that is completed during the Analysis and Design phase. Our team members work together to construct and implement the solution as designed. Throughout the development phase, unit testing is completed to ensure that each piece of the solution is executing as expected per the requirements that were outlined.


Peer Review is critical to ensure the technical approach and design were implemented. It also gives our most senior resources the opportunity to review one last time prior to delivery. This review allows for experienced resources to validate the approach and confirm the results of each deliverable.


Knowledge Transfer is the last step of each project. Although we work closely with our customers throughout a project, this step of the process allows us to show the final deliverable as well as provide support and guidance to those who will be maintaining the solution going forward.

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